About Us

CreateAPage Inc. is one of the largest free hosting organizations on the Internet today.

We are responsible for hosting and supporting hundreds of thousands of websites across our network of hosting companies.

CreateAPage Inc. has developed and created our own clustered hosting technology. Clustered architecture offers superior speed and reliability.

Why is clustered hosting technology good ?

Our network of interconnected servers share/balance the load or requests for web pages across multiple servers simultaneously. If one of our servers were to fail or have a problem, your web traffic is automatically redirected to the working servers, giving a seamless, ultra-fast hosting experience.

24 Hours 7 Free Customer Support

We look after our customers and pride ourselves on offering not only high quality hosting products, but providing top class technical support to our free, paid customers and resellers. Our team of support staff and dedicated Support Center at AskTheCreator.com, are ready to quickly and efficiently solve any problems with your service or website.